Low Phospate Diet

What is phosphate?

Phosphate is a mineral found in a range of different foods. It helps maintain healthy bones.

Why is the amount of phosphate in my blood too high?

Healthy kidneys usually filter and get rid of excess phosphate from the blood. If your kidneys are not working properly, phosphate can build up in your blood.

The recommended range for your blood phosphate is: _______________________ mmol/L

Why does it matter if my phosphate level is too high?

High blood phosphate levels can initially cause: • Red eyes and itchy skin

Prolonged high phosphate levels can lead to:

  • Weaker bones and aching joints
  • Hardened blood vessels, increasing your risk of heart disease

    What should I do to control my blood phosphate levels?

    • The first step is to follow a low phosphate diet
    • If your phosphate remains high you may then be prescribed a tablet called a phosphate binder
    • Your diet and phosphate binders may change, depending on your appetite and any other medications and treatment for your kidneys.
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